Institut für Arbeitsmedizin und Sozialhygiene Institut für Arbeitsmedizin und Sozialhygiene Institut für Arbeitsmedizin und Sozialhygiene

1. Client
Institut für Arbeits- und Sozialhygiene

2. Project data
Scope of work: Stage of performance 1-9
Buildingcosts: 7,2 million EUR
Period of time: 1992-1995
Volume: 22.000 m3
Representative: Mr. Hoppe
Tel. +49 (0)721/8204-32

3. Description of work
The new building Steinhäuserstrasse 19, Karlsruhe, is the headquarter of IAS that contains 50 centers in Germany. This institute for social work (foundation) operates in the sector of occupational medicine, environmental medicine, preventive medicine as well as the operational safety, works hygiene, workplace and environmental measurement instrumentation.

Respective to the master plan a special corner emphasis is created and the structural mass is implemented in an angle structure with equal side length. Extra rent area is made accessible through a side entrance. These areas serve the IAS for reserves in the future.

The distinctive design of the structure at the corner responds to the desire of the awarding authority for a corporate identity. The discretely designed longitudinal sides contribute to the emphasis of the corner.

The 4. level, with its special utilisations library, management, schooling and social rooms conjoins in material and facade structuring with the corner zone. In the corner zone, special rooms vertically are in accordance to their particular story uses.

The staircase opens the viewing the diagonal of the structure to the courtyard.
The reinforced concrete framed structure with its binding beam free ceilings is surrounded by a cavity wall. An automatic shading device is installed in front of the metal windows. The facades consist of an isolated concrete wall and a white glazed hard-brunt brick. For the outdoor facilities, environmental aspects are taken into account. For example, there is the rainwater percolation in a pond. The front garden to the sidewalk is structured with twine pillars with roses. At the courtyard side, the character of a fruit tree meadow dominates.

The realisation took place in 1994/95.