Bausparkasse Badenia, Karlsruhe Bausparkasse Badenia, Karlsruhe Bausparkasse Badenia, Karlsruhe

1. Client:
Deutsche Badenia Bausparkasse

2. Project data
Scope of work: Stage of performance 1-9
Underground garage for 140 cars
Buildingcosts: 51,2 million EUR
Volume: 112.000 m3
Period of time: 1992-1995
Representative: Dr. Henge (president)
Tel. +49 (0)721/9951001

3. Description of work
“The new BADENIA- administration building is finished after only two years of construction time. Because of the expansion of the company and the conjuncted increase the number of employees at a later date provided extension was realised in the construction time.

The new building indicates urban directions and blends into the surrounding area. In attention to economic and environmental points of view predominately stonewalled facades with increased windows are realised. The surface of the facade consists of mineral plaster. The structures strained on the weather influence, for example the mounting and exterior stairs are made up of granite. The observer steps inside the entry hall, that stretches over five floors and that forms the main part of the building, through one of the two revolving doors at the main entrance. The subtle structured glass facade is characteristic at the entire composition of the new administration building. The windows, partly low lying in the facade, structure the large surface exterior walls, aerates them and cares for transcendental impressions and support the architectural character. A filigree component to this frame the bracket mounted facade elements of steal, which sustain the shading device. The observer can easy realise the accentuated elements, derived from the circle. These harmonic operating details are all around the building.

Through the “Porticus” you arrive to a courtyard where a downward rounded canopy guarantees a waterless entrance and access. Through two large revolving doors, that are together heatable windscreens, the visitor enters the two story entrance hall, that is already straight outwardly observable. Along to the rolling reception counter, you get into the “quadrangle”, designed as a large hall over four stories. Upstairs the hall is bounded with a rolling roof, which is encircled with glass and therefore gets daylight. Through a single-flight free staircase with intermediate landing you get to the consulting gallery or by round designed elevators in more floors. The experience of the interior rooms and the wall design can be seen best on from the glass cabin of the freestanding elevator group. It is a symbol for the arised of the building society savings, like structures and landscapes.

The hall offers all requirements for business conventions and can serve as a forum for art and culture for the city of Karlsruhe. For exhibitions as well as lectures and concerts it offers perfect possibilities.

The office and special rooms for consulting, schooling, meetings and conferences, show as clear as the casino with terrace and the bistro that the human is the most important factor by planning the structure. The well being and a good working atmosphere compose the aimed result. All office rooms can be exposed and aerated artlessly. Because of the structure with large storage mass the planners paid special attention to the humidity and temperature equilibrium. Natural materials, harmonious colours and a good shading device contribute to a pleasant and healthy working atmosphere.

Das Architektur-Journal, 1/1995