Betten Becker, Karlsruhe

1. Client:
Peter Becker, Karlsruhe

2. Project data
Buildingcosts: 4,9 million EUR
Volume: 19.800 m3
Period of time: 1995-1996
Representative: Herr Becker

3. Description of work
The task consisted of three parts: Kaiserstrasse 237 is a listed old building, where a new building had to be integrated. Kaiserstrasse 235 is a gap, used by an interim structure on the ground floor by Betten-Becker and had to be applied by closing the gap to the final development. By the summarisation of the two sites the possibility emerged to develop a structure in the backyard.  The facade of the 3-story old building was renovated attention to the monumental protection, the ground views modernised cautiously and the yard terrace designed new.  The gap (east of the old building) was closed with a 6-story new building located. Underneath the entrance to the house in the backyard there is a subterranean garage.  The 4-story house in the backyard with the recessed top floor is used commercially on the ground floor and the first floor, and on the other floors used for small apartments with balconies and roof-decks. A bridge- structure connects it with the observe- building and has emergency stairs at the southern gable. The new buildings are reinforced concrete framed structures with massive ceilings and braced walls. The observe- building has a flat roof and the building in the backyard a flat sloped shed roof. The consciously simply created plaster facade of the 6-story structure is contrasted by glass wall from the old building and a curtain wall with the light metal facade of the courtyard building. The development of the sides Kaiserstrasse 235 and 237 is divided into 3 structural members.  Preservation and restructuring of the building under monumental protection Kaiserstr. 237  Closure of the gap Kaiserstr. 235 with an office and residential building  Yard-development of both sides with a residential building over a subterranean garage The residential building contains 16 flats, 6 are maisonette flats with roof-decks. On the sales floor are preliminary greens in front of the flats. In the urban context the old facade of the monument, very demolished in 1944, had to be reconstructed using old photographs. The gap had to be closed taking care to the existing neighborhood. The 4-story yard building with the recessed top floor had to be integrated full-scale imto the neighborhood. The construction of the ground floor and the basement is a reinforced concrete structure as well as the residential stories brick walls with massive ceilings. A facade generates fully heat insulation siding, subdivided by suspended balconies. The roof construction consists of ventilated sloping roofs with metal covering and high insulation. The complete construction responds to the demand of a higher middle quality.