JVA Heimsheim JVA Heimsheim JVA Heimsheim
JVA Heimsheim
Prison in Heimsheim with Sports Hall and Workshops

1. Client:
State Baden-Württemberg

2. Project data:
Scope of Work: Stage of performance 1-8
Buildingcosts: 45 million EUR
Period of Time: 1980-1990
Volume: 121.583 m3
Representative: Mr. Baudirektor Lamparter (head of the state VHBA Pforzheim)
Tel. +49 (0)7231/1658-0

3. Description of work:
The JVA Heimsheim, completed in 1990, is located next to the motorway entrance Heimsheim at the A8 on the so called "Mittelberg". On the 6,6 ha ground, surrounded with a 890 m long wall, are 9 single buildings. To create conditions inside the walls that conform to these liberties as much as possible, 3 principles determine the design:

The arrangement of buildings creates individually scope of development, corresponding to their uses for furlough, sports and play, parks traffic areas and artistic contributions.
The raise of the building inside the walls give the prisoners the opportunity to look at the free countryside.
Human scale, a careful choice of material and colours and different room forms create an atmosphere moderating the feeling to be enclosed.

The experience passed since opening 8 years ago the ideas realized in the structural reality have been completely confirmed. In accordance with the information of the management of the prison the atmosphere is positive and characterized with low aggressiveness. The separate sanitary units in all cells, the large windows that can be opened and the friendly colour concept have a positive effect on the employees and the prisoners. This is an example that architecture can contribute to the forming of person.